Incarnate (Feature VFX)

I had worked on Incarnate while I was Technical Director at Ghost Town Media. I was in charge of many aspects on the post side, such as:
- Developed Ghost Town internal pipeline for recieving, working on, and outputing final delivery of final VFX shots.
- Communicated with editorial on format specs during receiving and delivering of VFX shots.
- Developed scripts to automate LUT application for working on VFX shots and removal for final output.
- Managed progress via FTrack for weekly updates with client.
- Created fire simulation VFX elements.
- Designed an automated realistic eye rig for replacements on characters.
- Also handled compositing, animation, and removal VFX on a number of shots.

After VFX
Before VFX
Breakdown video of face fire shot.
Wireframe view of collision geometry in C4D.
Collision geometry for fire in C4D.
Projected footage onto geometry in C4D.
Breakdown of full body burn.