About David Torno

I am an organized individual with a very strong technical mind that can learn fast. I'm able to adapt to unique studio workflows fairly quickly, and have created my own workflows as well. I've been doing visual effects work since 2000, and have aquired much knowledge since then on the process. I do my best to keep up with the current tech available in the industry, and have done beta testing for various software companies in the past. I am always on the prowl to improve and push my skills, knowledge, and work quality more each day. Learning new software or techniques is nearly a daily chore for me.

Over the years I have worked on feature films, music videos, commercials, and multimedia projects in both a solo and team environment. In the past I have held the role of Technical Director, VFX Supervisor (on set and in-house), VFX Artist, and Consultant.

Most notably I was Technical Director at Ghost Town Media, LLC for five of the eight years I worked with them. During that time my tasks included:

• Compositing
• Camera and object motion tracking (3D, 2D, Planar, hand tracked)
• Animation (keyframe, expression based)
• Keying
• Roto
• Fire and smoke simulations
• Developed custom scripted tools for artists
• Designed workflows for footage ingest and delivery
• Designed organizational structures for projects
• Onset assistant supervision
• Communicated with software dealers and developers

and much more...

Before and after that time period at Ghost Town Media I have been working freelance with a variety of companies and individuals doing traditional visual effects type of work. During the down times I am learning new software, creating educational video tutorials, developing free and paid products for the visual effects community, and consulting. I thoroughly enjoy visual effects as it is a passion of mine and I will continue to do this work until the day I die.

Thank you for visiting my site and I hope to work with you in the near future.

- David Torno