Archangel: Hellfire

I was brought on to the Archangel: Hellfire teaser to create all of the volumetric, and particle sims for the robot battles and environments. My responsibilities consisted of creating cloud, smoke, fire, dust, and atmospheric simulations, with additional particle accents. Also responsible for building the volume shaders and sending final Arnold renders through Cinema4D.

TurbulenceFD was the primary tool used for all of the cloudscapes, smoke, fire, explosions, and dust fx. X-Particles was used for accents around the cannon blast.

Roughly 98% of my work remained in the final delivered piece. Additional change requests came in after my contracted time was finished, so a few of my pieces got replaced with non 3D solutions. The final two wide shots contained around 55 TurbulenceFD volumetric containers in total. Which had to be broken out into smaller groups for final render.

Breakdown visuals of my work on this piece are still awaiting signoff from the client. In the meantime you can view the final piece below.

Final teaser trailer