Below are links to various free scripts and training videos I've created over the years. Clicking a link will open a new browser window.

Photogrammetry (Explanation and application)

After Effects ExtendScript Training (Learn ExtendScript / Running time: 14hrs)

Free Function Friday (ExtendScript function code explanation / Running time: 12hrs)

Expression Shorts (15 episodes of After Effects Expression tips and tricks)

Mask Adjuster (Free After Effects script)

After Effects Icons (Free replacement icons for AE 7 though CC 2017)

After Effects Plugin Matchnames (Free PDF of matchnames for scripting and expressions)

After Effects Menu Command IDs (Free PDF of all menu command ids for scripting)

CG Eyes (Free After Effects rig to create demon, animal, human eye replacements)

Fast Marker Creater (Free After Effects script)

High Pass Script (Free After Effects script)

Null Swapper (Free After Effects script)

Face Replacement 1: Basic (Video tutorial on replacing faces digitally)

Face Replacement 2: Advanced (Video tutorial on replacing faces digitally)

Organize Project Assets (Free After Effects script)

SynthEyes 101 (Motion tracking video tutorial)

TurbulenceFD Depth Pass (Free Cinema4D script)